Passionate about the use of space and the enhancement of the surroundings, enchanted by colours, and appreciative of materials, Véronique DELHAY PERARD had always wanted to work in the world of fabrics.

She started out with a diploma in upholstery and decoration, she then opened up to home staging and enriched her diploma with a degree in window dressing for social or professional events.

Slowly but surely she moved into the world of professional events giving her the maturity and experience allowing her to spread her own wings : Project Manager in a textiles shop at the beginning of her career she went on to become Purchasing Manager, Véronique then marketed products whilst taking on window dressing for shops at the same time.

All these involvements allowed her to meet, share and enrich her experience through many people. Bit by bit new abilities were acquired notably in sales during her career as an employee.

All these years of meetings gave here the desire in April 2004, to create her own business. Since then, Véronique has created her own prestigious address book as she accompanies her clients through their various construction or renovation projects.

Véronique is constantly on the look-out for new projects, and is meeting new clients every day, both in France and abroad.

When it comes to getting a quote, Véronique goes to the site in order to get to know the context and the atmosphere. She is a jungle of ideas when it comes to mural decoration, accessory furniture, lighting etc...

Her desire is to improve your day-to-day life, cultivating your comfort or your client's comfort. She takes into account your lifestyle and will create a homey atmosphere to fit in with who you are.

Véronique offers customized or serial products, respecting your budget.


A place dedicated to textile samples (with technical details and upkeep), materials, colours and furniture makers catalogues are at your disposition, allowing you a large selection of products for you to chose from. For professionals, a vast array of non-flammable products are on display for your choice. A meeting is required in order to learn about your tastes forcolours, style and to offer your the best products to fit your desires.
A quote for customised or serial products for your project. You will not be billed for this in an order, a sum is required based on the size of the job (boards, sketches, samples...) as well as travel costs if necessary.
A customised or serial fabrication (hand or machine made...) be it to dress your windows, make your beds, sew your tablecloths, for table mats/ We can also create exclusive products and unique collections for your pleasure.
We don't produce linen, but we work closely with factories, for duvets and pillows, bedding, bathrobes and sponges, which we can get personalised for professionals.

As for bedding, DELHAY DECORS works with a French factory. The factory will produce customised bedding for you and will deliver directly on-site. Respecting sustainably development, the factory will take your old bedding off of your hands in order to recycle the materials.
We offer you an accompaniment throughout your buying projects to help you find the right price/quality ratio, the products the most adapted to your budget and your tastes in terms of decoration (tiles, flooring, wall paper, furniture, décor objects).
For Christmas, Easter, or Mother's or Father's day presents, we can organise private sales. The hostess who will receive our company will receive a nice gift. For this kind of event bookings must be made in advance in order to organise the event (invitation send-outs, choice or articles to sell, etc...)
A wedding, a communion, a birthday, basically an exceptional day. You'll need a décors fitting the event. We can make your dreams come true whilst respecting your budget (advice and installation if desired) we can help you. A quote will be made based on the amount of work, materials and supplies required.
For all businesses, we can elaborate a customised product based on your specifications (the product, colours, packaging, your logo, quantities). A prototype will be delivered to you.
Tel./Fax :
(+33) 01 60 43 12 88
06 71 01 10 81
3 Sente des jardins 77 860 - St Germain sur Morin
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